Everything’s bigger in Dubai.  Sorry Texans.  Even the celebration of Eid al-Adha is bigger here.  This eid, or holiday, celebrates the provision of a lamb when Abraham went to sacrifice his son.  Much like religious holidays in the states, it’s also marked by fireworks, shopping and time off.  With three days of class cancelled this week I was able to explore more of the city around 2,716 ft (828 m) above the city.

Burj Khalifa

Six years ago the world’s tallest building was completed.  Six days ago I went up to the 124th floor at 1,820 ft (555 m) nbd.  From Sheikh Zayed Road, the main highway, Burj Khalifa doesn’t look that impressive amidst the other skyscrapers that make up Dubai’s skyline.  But once you step out of Dubai Mall, it strikes you that it is a giant – slender and sleek, but a giant nonetheless.  And it’s shiny.  From the observation deck, it’s even more obvious that this building is big.

Just in case you didn’t realize, Burj Khalifa is kind of a big deal.  To give you an idea of the elevation, if you look closely you can see a slight curvature of the horizon.

from the burj khalifa

Bigger is better.

At least that’s what Häagen-Dazs likes to think.  They are having an Eid special – three scoops for the price of two – and it is my weakness.

raspberry sorbet with coconut flakes, chocolate sprinkles and dark chocolate syrup

Big news!!


Okay, I actually got six of them.

Eid Mubarak!


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