Dubai Walls

Something fun about Dubai is the art scene.  Throughout the new Citywalk, which is an outdoor shopping center still under construction, there are several murals by famous street artists.  To learn more, check out the project Dubai Walls.

I heart Dubai, and I made Krishna love it, too.

This piece is tw0-faced.

by Vhils
Familiar?  There’s a mural by the same artist in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

by ICY and SOT
by ROA
mystery installment
I wonder if the security guards get tired of watching people take photos.

safety notice or banana peel?
Flashback to Mario Kart.

by The London Police
by D*Face
Just some ironic social commentary.

by D*Face
Life lesson of the day:  nothing lasts forever.  Especially that extra 50 AED that cab driver scammed off ya.


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